Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Dine Out Vancouver

What we in Vancouver lack in good shopping, we make up for in really yummy restaurants. Vancouver is hosting their fifth Dine Out Vancouver event starting January 19 and ending on February 4. Several upscale Vancouver restaurants will be participating in this prix fixe event, offereing three course dinners at either $15, $25 or $35. Some of these restaurants include Bacchus, CinCin, Il Giardino, Blue Water Cafe, La Terrazza, The Cannery and West. I was disappointed Lumiere and Feenie's wasn't participating this year, but I'm glad Chambar is.
These are the restaurants I'm trying to make reservations at:
The Ocean Club
La Terrazza
They've alphabetized the list, but they are alphabetizing "the", like instead of The Mill Marine Bistro & Bar being filed under "M", it's filed under "T".

I question why some of the restaurants are even on there since their regular menu stuff is below the 15/25/35 mark. If you're going to make reservations, make them now! This year some of the restaurants are allowing online booking, but the site is soooo friggin slow it might even be faster to keep hitting redial on your phone.

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