Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Some deals

  • Alaska Airlines has some pretty good deals right now if you're traveling within the US. If you're a Vancouver person like me, you can drive up to Sea-Tac, or take the quickshuttle there and fly out to LA. For airfare, taxes and fees included, you're looking at $218.60 return. Even better deals if you're flying out to Oakland (very close to San Francisco). If you're flying out of Portland, there are some even better deals. I just booked a flight to Oakland (return) for less than $179 (flying out of Seattle). I'm probably gonna book a car rental and hotel through Priceline.

  • Roots (brick and mortar store), 50% off at items including sale items. For online shopping at use coupon code BOX06. They've got some comfy yoga pants and some cute purses. Mexx (brick and mortar) also has stuff 50% off, but that's not really a big deal since Mexx has this sale often. In fact, I think it's just plain silly to buy anything regular price from Mexx or Buffalo for that matter.

  • $30 off $200 or more purchase, coupon code 81741.

  • American 10% off orders of $85 or more, coupon code HOLIDAYDEC06

  • Future Shop, Prison Break Season One is $29.99. I just rented the whole season a couple months ago, and it cost more to rent (six discs). And isn't watching Wentworth Miller sitting in the chair after he gets his toe cut off in the dr's office just priceless?? Ahhh, Wenty!!

I am not a fan of Roots or Staples. For some reason I can't stand most of the staff at Roots and I've had multiple problems with online ordering from Staples.

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