Friday, January 5, 2007

Burglarized. Job postings.

Hee hee, this makes me laugh.

A few weeks ago, my place got burglarized. No one was home except for the cat. The idiot(s) busted down the basement door and took all valuables. On top of that, they watched some television and left urine on the toilet seat and floor. Of course we had no insurance which is really dumb because the insurance would have been less than $400/year.

Anyways, the cop we talk to tells us there is no point in the police coming to investigate. And that it’s okay to clean up the mess that was left behind. Two days later, some officers show up. (these guys were great, I wish one of them was assigned to the case) To take fingerprints and DNA of the urine. They tell me the guy I talked to made a mistake. Whatever. I then later find out my neighbor got robbed a week prior but they were home and they beat the wife unconscious. Nice neighborhood.

A half-assed cop story.
A girl in my old neighborhood got into a huge fight with her boyfriend outside his house. Because of all the yelling, some people came out to watch. She gets into her car, and rams her car into his car THREE times, plus hits another neighbor’s car in the process. Then she comes out of the car holding a pie and just stands outside her car crying. The cops come, The neighbor that got his car hit and myself tell the cop about the fight and what happened. The officer talks to Ms Crazy, and she tells him they were not fighting. She says something was wrong with her gas pedal, and that’s why she hit the two cars. The pathetic boyfriend actually backs her story up. The cop actually BELIEVES her. He writes some stuff in his notebook and leaves after like five minutes. Any moron can see she hit his car three different times.. How can it be a mechanical problem?? He just didn’t want to do the paperwork. Okay, I realize no one got hurt here, and there are more serious crimes like rape and murder, but why the heck should ICBC pay for this. In the end, everyone’s rates goes up. This girl obviously has issues. I’m sure if the guy was outside his house she would have rammed her car into him.

On New Year’s Eve, there was a huge accident in front of my friend’s house. It actually involved a very drunk driver hitting FOUR parked cars. The impact was so hard, his airbag went off, and one of the cars’ tire actually came off. The police were called, and although it was obvious he was drunk, they didn’t bother doing a breathalyzer. They just got his car towed and the drunk guy’s friend came to pick him up. They had already left before the tow truck driver came.

I know there’s some really good cops out there. But it seems they are understaffed and overworked. It’s unfortunate because most people don’t really have anything too nice to say about the police here. Like any business, there is always the handful of bad employees, but I think it has more to do with just not enough resources. Some people actually asked me why I even bothered filing a report about the burglary.
On that note, if you don’t want to be invited to any more house parties, apparently the Vancouver police is doing a lot of hiring right now. If you are a female, AND you are a minority, you have an even better chance of getting in. Please don’t apply because you like the power a gun provides..

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