Sunday, May 20, 2007

Martini's on Broadway

I haven't been here in ages, so I was surprised when I went this weekend that the place looks a lot better than before. It sort of reminds me of an upscale pub. But like in the past, they seem understaffed, however, the waitress we got was excellent. And our food was quick, she was attentive, came at all the right times. The food is still mediocre, but their reasonably priced drink menu makes up for it. Martinis for 5.45. I had a Tropical Breeze and it was pretty yummy. Monday nights they are less than 4 bucks. I remember coming here a lot because it was open late, and they served liquor late and I remember the service was really bad back then. The clientele when I went this weekend was very mixed. Some very young people, or senior citizen types. The food they have is like a pizza/greek joint. Souvlaki, pizza, pastas, kalamari, you get the picture. I think it's still an okay place to go to for a drink or some late night food.
151 W Broadway (across from Mountain Equipment Co-op)

Teaworks on Victoria Drive
This is a bubble tea restaurant in East Vancouver close to London Drugs (Victoria and 41st). This place can get really busy, a lot of young student types. The menu is pretty cheap, and the food and drinks aren't bad, but the service is not that great. Some of the waitstaff seem inexperienced and they are definitely understaffed.. I've only been twice though so maybe I went on off nights.
The last time I was there, we were seated before a group of four guys. We kept trying to flag the waitress to order. It took a while for the server to come around, and when she did, she served the four guys first. What was annoying was, those four guys KNEW we were there first, AND they saw us trying to flag down the waitress, but they had no sense of courtesy to say something to the waitress. What was even more annoying was, the guy that started ordering looked almost smug cause he knew they were getting served first, acting like he was some VIP. I think most people would say, "i think they were here first". Anyways, they were right next to us, so she took our order next, so I told the waitress we were here first, "and those guys know that we were here first AND that we were trying to order, but they were too rude to let you know". The waitress apologized, glanced at the guys and looked uncomfortable, and she ended up bringing our order first. The four guys started whispering to each other, probably plotting what they'll say, but think they realized they are assholes. Anyways, the tables are very close together, and it's a super busy environment, and the temperature is very cool in here. So bring a sweater, and be prepared to be in a noisy non-relaxing environment. In that part of Vancouver, there's not that many restaurants open late that are good except maybe Neighbour's restaurant, but the food is very mediocre there.. Oh, and there's Mui Garden, but after my last experience there with a very strange smelling dessert I will not go back there again.

Seto Restaurant in Richmond
I was here a few days ago, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's a little bit pricey I think for what it looks like, but the food is good and quite authentic. In fact, I saw a couple Japan Airlines flight attendants that made their way out here, perhaps on the way from the airport to their hotel in downtown. (They were not in uniform, but I know a flight attendant when I see one)
They have a good selection of sake too. One thing that was a bit funny was, there is a poster for some Japanese girl pageant in Vancouver. There's a picture of five girls (probably the finalists) I think, and it's autographed by all the girls. I just thought that was funny for some reason. If I come back again (which I'm sure I will), I'll take a pic of it if it's still up.
Service is average.

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