Monday, December 15, 2008

Trattoria Italian Kitchen on 4th Ave

Trattoria Italian Kitchen on 4th Avenue is great. We tried to go there a few times, but it was always very busy. Despite how busy it was the times we tried to go there, I found the hostess is always super nice without any kind of attitude. And she doesn't give you the feeling that she doesn't care if you don't decide to wait.

We happened to be walking past, saw a long line, but decide to give it a shot. We were actually planning to get some fast food.. We got seated like right away.. I think the manager mistook us for some regular important customers or something cause he was all super nice and there were lots of other people still waiting. Which was kind of funny cause we were both dressed very badly. We were only planning to get fast food, but ended up walking past here, and thought we’d give it a try. I was wearing a dressy black coat, but I was wearing blue jeans that are too big and brown clogs. Oh, and a t-shirt I wear to sleep, that is too big. I looked really weird. Especially with the dressy jacket.
The guy I was with just finished at the gym, and was still wearing gym clothes. It was a little hard to enjoy our meal, cause I thought he would realize we were not the important customers, and tell us the jig was up.

Everybody else there eating is very dressed up and trendy looking. I liked the bathrooms there, I don’t remember why now, but I remember liking something in there, maybe it was the tile or something. Only thing is, it’s really far from the front of the restaurant. I don’t like walking through crowds of people like that. Especially wearing oversized blue jeans with brown clogs and a pajama shirt. I always thought Pajama is spelled “Pyjama” but my spellcheck is telling me it’s wrong. It’s also telling me I’m spelling spellcheck wrong..

The service was excellent. There was absolutely no pushiness when it came to drinks, and our waitress was very attentive. They give you a survey card to fill out in the end, and I had nothing but praise. You may be thinking we got good service because they mistook us for some important customers, but I noticed everyone aruond us was receiving just as good service.

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