Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Boxing Day Shopping

Hope you had a nice Christmas holiday!
As much as I like to get a bargain, I'm not really a big fan of Boxing Day shopping in Vancouver. I went boxing day shopping (similar to US Black Friday sales) and picked up some stuff at Lululemon only to peel back the sales stickers to find out I saved, drumroll please, 10%. There was a lineup to get in, a lineup to try it on, and a lineup to save 10%. On top of that, they put your purchases into a clear plastic bag instead of their regular paper bags. What an insult. It's not like they are passing off incredible savings so they need to save on the overhead by providing plain bags. When they're offering 15% off, perhaps they will be providing plastic bags you get from the grocery stores for putting your produce in. And it's not like I collect shopping bags, but it's just part of a store's service. You know, wrapping your purchase in some coloured tissue and then putting it in a monogrammed bag. Even outlet stores will do this. Even La Senza does this when I buy three pairs of underwear for less than $15.

Maybe I'm just bitter cause I ended up getting two pairs of pants that make my ass look like a wide pancake. And the fact that I normally spend less than $39 for my workout gear. And that it's absolutely no exchanges or refunds. Not that I exchange or refund a lot, but it comforts me to know the option is there.

The other purchases I made were not that phenomenal either. It's almost like I bought stuff just for the sake of buying it. On the other hand, I went down to Seattle Premium Outlets for the Black Friday sales last month and got some major bargains. I'm talking 75% off stuff I actually use, and fluffy blood orange towels from Restoration Hardware for $3.99. But ended up taking ten hours to drive home because of the snow..

Speaking of Restoration Hardware, I really love that store. I never really buy much from there, but I love the fact they send their beautiful catalogue to an Ikea frequenting non-Restoration Hardware buyer like myself. Actually, I look at their catalogue and store for ideas and try to find a decent equivalent at Ikea or gasp, Real Canadian Superstore.

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