Saturday, November 1, 2008

Madonna concert in Vancouver October 30

The ticket indicated a 7:30 start time. My friend told me that since this is her first concert in Vancouver, it was best to get there early to buy a t-shirt that said, "vancouver" on it (a mere $45) I'm not really big on concert t-shirts, unless it's a really vintage shirt, I feel kind of silly wearing them. But my friend was eager to get one, so she wanted to get there early before they sold out.. and she drove... so we were there at 7. Surprisingly, there was a huge line-up just to get in. and the line ups to buy $7.50 beer were all at least a 10 minute wait.

Madonna did not come on stage till 9:25. I've been a Madonna fan since 1986. In fact, I performed as her at Airband when I was still in school. I did a version of Jimmy Jimmy (from the True Blue album). I have every album of hers. I admit, the Hard Candy album I have is a copy, but every single other album I own of hers is an original. Plus I have her singles, and I have two of her records, and True Blue album on cassette, and CD. I even have the freaking "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" CD single. But I was not happy with having to wait almost two hours. To keep 55,000 people waiting that long is rude. If I knew she was going to be that late, I would have had dinner somewhere.
The concert was okay, but I was sitting so far, it was like watching it on a small television. In fact, I used binoculars to watch the big screens. That's how far I was. I may as well have been sitting in GM place.
My favorite parts:
-How the show opened up with her sitting on her chair.
-Video backdrops were amazing.
-La Isla Bonita
-When she had EVERYONE in the stadium singing Like A Virgin with her. How amazing to hear over 50,000 people singing together, "didn't know how lost I was until I found youuuuu"
-The video about change. Powerful.
-Get stupid video
-The video for the Like a Prayer segment.
-Surprisingly, I thought the video segments of Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and various others singing worked really well. it didn't seem "cheap" that they weren't there. Although I did have faint hope that one of them would make a special appearance.

Besides the fact she was late, I did not like:
-The lip-synching
-Her costumes (looked like she was just wearing shiny gym clothes.
-Sometimes her movements/dance did not match the beat. Perhaps I was sitting so far, the sounds didn't match her moves. Kind of like thunder and lightning.. the further you are, the further out of synch they are.
-I couldn't get the fact that she was 50 out of my head. And when I was using the binoculars on the big screens, I noticed how veiny her hands were. They looked like a detailed map of the Tokyo subway system.
-The fake Kanye West.
-The freaking venue.. I know it was necessary, because she is a HUGE star, but come on.. BC Place is not the place for a concert. The people on level four might as well have been watching a 14 inch television from 30 feet away..
-How hard it was to get OUT of the stadium at the end of the concert. You had to go through the revolving doors because of the unique stadium roof, there can't be any open doors, otherwise, the roof will deflate. Imagine if there was a fire in there, I shudder to think.

Today I was talking to my friend, and she said they said on that horrible radio station which will not be named, that she was not to appear till 9pm.. So I guess that's what I get for not listening to that horrible radio show. The one that rhymes with Dave. Oh well, I'd rather wait two hours for Madonna, then listen for even one minute to that station. anyways, i guess she was only late 25 minutes. And she's one person I am willing to wait half an hour for.

I would love to see her again, but next time, I am going to go at a smaller venur, and try to sit much closer to the stage.. Not sitting Miles Away from her.

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