Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Eco-bag, the reusable grocery bag

What I'm finding annoying is when I'm at the supermarket and certain people think they're mightier than the next person cause they're using an eco-bag and you're not. Surprisingly there's a lot of people like this. They think they are superios because the believe they making more of a difference in the environment than the person that is getting the plastic bag. This is my co-worker. He drives a huge gas-guzzling SUV. When he leaves the office for the day, he leaves the lights on. Prints almost every email out that he gets (single sided), then he ends up throwing it out later. Half the time, he just puts it in the garbage. But he acts all high and mighty when he pulls out his fair trade 19.99 bag at Caper's. I feel like punching him in the face to wipe that smug look off his face. Or sometimes he'll forget his bag, so he'll make a big show of saying very loudly, "no bag!" and carry his bananas, cereal, soy milk and chips to his car instead, cause you know, he needs to show how green he is. Yes, I go for lunch with him sometimes and we stop by the supermarket so I know his annoying shopping habits. Oh, and he only lives five minutes to work, there is no reason he needs to drive.

Yeah, I do reuse bags and I have a couple eco-bags for this purpose, but I also need these plastic bags cause I use them to clean up dog poop.

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