Friday, July 6, 2007

Kedah House on Marine Drive

Had an early dinner at Kedah House on Marine Drive a few days ago. This was my first visit there since they moved from the original Fraser and 41st location. Like their former location, the décor is still tacky. Think pink Pepto-Bismal walls. It feels like you’re in the basement dining area of a Vancouver Special fused with a mom and pop travel agency. The sign out front showed they were having a 9.95 all you can eat, but once we were seated, were told they weren’t doing the buffet. There seemed to be only one server. She was the hostess, cashier, waiter, AND bus person. I noticed several people standing at the cashier waiting to pay for their bill while we ate. Once in a while, you would see two other people helping out the server, but despite several people lined up to pay the bill, or order, or get their food brought to them, there was no sense of urgency amongst the staff.

We ordered the Roti Canai $5 (pronounced Chanai), mee goreng, a curry dish (which I didn’t try) and beef and broccoli. Within ten minutes, the server brought us two of our dishes. After poking it with my fork, the server came back and told us it wasn’t ours, and brought it to the next table. Yikes.

Our “correct” food arrived a few minutes later and it was pretty good albeit a bit too salty for my taste. It was then that she informed us they were out of beef for the beef and broccoli dish. But they could make chicken and broccoli . So we said, fine, literally one minute later, she brought it out to us. Which makes me think they screwed up, so they just said that about the beef so we would order the mistake. The fact that she didn’t tell us they were out of beef when we made our order or immediately after she put in the order confirms my suspicion. Gosh, I sound like Inspector Holmes. The meal came to around $33 before drinks. Unfortunately, it took awhile to pay. It sounded like they were playing Disney Princess music, but it still would not cover the loud sound of their air conditioning or fan.

Their service is too laid-back, which is not good when most people are in a hurry or are on their way to something else. Their former location was well-known for closing whenever they felt like despite their posted restaurant hours or not opening at all that day. I think the former location was much cleaner. Here are some reviews from other diners. Most are not so favorable. Despite my review, I think I would go back there if I had a leisurely day.
1652 SE Marine Dr, 604.325.9771
If you decide to check it out, ask for the bill mid-meal and make sure to bring cash in different denominations so there’s no need to wait for change.

If you don’t mind the drive, check out Tamarind Hill in New Westminster. The ambiance is nice, décor is beautiful right down to the small details, service is good, and most importantly, very clean and downright delicious! Oh, and the prices are similar to Kedah House, and I think the menu selection and drink selection is top-notch at Tamarind Hill.

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