Friday, July 6, 2007

George Bar in Yaletown, Cactus Club in Yaletown

So headed over to George again on the weekend, despite the fact it's apparently a "cougar" bar which was kindly brought to my attention after I enthusiastically told people how much I liked it there. It was also brought to my attention that I am at the cougar age. Real nice. I asked, aren't the 40 year olds the cougars (aka Demi?)?? and was told, 40 year olds are MILFs. But then again, this is coming out of the mouth of a balding 30 year old guy. Donald Trump has a better hairline then this guy.

For some reason I didn't notice the cougarness the last time I was there, but this time I noticed cougars on the prowl. It was Friday night and it was pretty busy (but no line-up). The drinks were still good, but we decided to go somewhere where we could actually sit and rest our tender stilettoed feet. We tried Yaletown Brewery and were told each person must order an ENTREE which is really ridiculous as it was already 10:30 pm. And there were SEVEN of us. There's no way all of us would be hungry enough to order an entree.

So we head over to Cactus Club. Maybe I'm getting old, but it was so loud that I got tired having to shout across the table to talk. The drinks there are soo watered down. It's like, an 11 year old could down six of their drinks and still be able to compete in, "are you smarter than a fifth grader" and win. If you want to get your money's worth, order a beer, at least they don't seem to water the lager down.
Normally the service at Cactus Club is pretty good, but the service at the Yaletown location was definitely below average. But still better than like a Sammy J Peppers..

I'm feeling old, I was talking to someone that NEVER HEARD OF THE GOONIES. WTF??

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