Friday, June 1, 2007

2007 Miss Universe Riyo Mori

I was surprised to watch a taped 2007 Miss Universe this evening. It’s changed over the years. The ladies are much sexier, thinner and taller. Some of the contestants looked like the ladies in the ads in the back of the paper, or in those “pamphlets” they give out on the strip in Vegas. The bathing suit montage that was taped earlier in various locations looked like some late night commercial for those pay per minute chat lines complete with wet girl in front of fountain doing sexy poses.
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What’s with the ungracious way 2006 Miss Universe gave up her crown to the new Miss Universe. They didn’t even hug, or do the cheek air-kiss.
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I don’t think Miss Japan should have won. She was not pretty, looked a little village, and the way she spoke was unclassy. The 2006 Miss Japan contestant (pictured below) deserved to win, not 2007’s. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe contest is about looks, and I think the other finalists were much prettier. Like Miss Venezuela. Miss Korea and Japan both speak English well so there’s no reason they needed a translator. If anything, it’s unfair to the other contestants as it gives them more time to think of an answer, and if they answer with run on sentences or bad wording, the translator will not translate that. By the way, Miss Japan lived in Saanich, BC for a couple years while attending high school.

I really liked Miss Tanzania, she was gorgeous, and not many women can pull off bald and beautiful the way she did. I felt bad for Miss USA when everyone was booing during her interview question. Especially after she had her nasty fall in the evening gown competition. Oh, and she looks just like Emmy Rossum.

What was with Miss Canada’s national costume?? A hockey uniform? Give me a break! Even SHE looked embarrassed.

One of the prizes include a crown worth over $200,000 but it’s like, where would you wear that to? And it’s not like there’s a high demand on ebay for these crowns. I’d rather get a necklace of the same value. I guess she can get it remade by a jeweler. I always think about weird stuff.

I didn't like Slater before, and I like him even less now. He seems so full of himself. And to think he may be a possible candidate to replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right. Say it ain't so!

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