Thursday, April 19, 2007


Okay, so I was in Yaletown the other day, and for those of you that don't know Yaletown, it's described as Vancouver's "trendy and upscale renovated warehouse district". Personally, I don't like Yaletown at night, or even much during the day for that matter. As much as I like a lot of restaurants and bars in Yaletown, I find on the weekends the parking is horrendous, and the one-way traffic in the narrow two main streets is not enjoyable, and everytime I think I found a parking spot, it's "reserved" for a garbage receptacle.
What I don't like about it besides the parking is some of the people that hang out there trying to be cool. If you go in some of the boutiques, you'll see the girls that look at a top that costs about $430 try to look really bored, touch the fabric with their acrylic nails, and say something like, 'oh, it looks okay I guess, but I don't really like the colour". Yeah, right. Meanwhile she's wearing a Sirens top with a fake horsebit-Gucci bag.
Quick story, my handsome male friend met some girls in Glowbal, they said they live close in downtown by Burrard. Anyways, end of the night, he ends up going home with one of them, and she actually lives on Hastings and Gilmore area close to Burnaby..

If you go there during the day however, there's plenty of parking (all paid meter parking of course). I think cause the shopping albeit funky and some cutting-edge stuff, there's just not that many stores, and it's pretty spendy. I checked out Basquiat which is owned by Trevor Linden's wife. It's a nice store, but tops run about $500, but they do have some cool designer ware and some nice jeans too. I'm wondering, how come they can name their store Basquiat and there's no problem, and DeNiro's restaurant had to change their name because Robert De Niro threatened to sue. They changed their name to Section 3 (Tuesday highballs are $3.95)

Anwyays, I'll have to go back to Basquiat when I start making more money..

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