Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rude drivers in Vancouver

Why are there are so many rude (and shitty) drivers in Vancouver.
The other day I was at Champlain Mall circling for parking. The driver in front of me stopped his car and it appeared he was talking to his passenger. About twenty seconds later (meanwhile traffic is building up behind me and there's no way to go around him) the passenger gets out, I guess so she wouldn't have to walk all the way from a parked car to the store. It wasn't even raining AND she was a healthy fit person in her 20s. Once she got out, you'd think she'd walk immediately to the store. Nope, they continue their conversation. Car stopped, all while blocking traffic. So I honked. The girl turned around, gave me a look and continued talking. I layed on the horn (for a continuous 5-6 seconds), started opening my window to say something and she turned around and gave me the finger then finally walks towards the store. I was so fuming mad, and as luck would have it, there were two parking spaces that opened up and the guy that dropped of his passenger parked in one, and I parked right next to him. He took one look at me, saw how mad I was, he reversed and took off..

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