Saturday, March 17, 2007

Vancouver restaurants

I haven't had a chance to check out Joey's on Broadway yet but apparently they had to change their "Diva Salad" name because Diva at the Met threatened to sue them. What a joke. I understand if it was called, "Diva at the Met Salad" but come on, "DIVA"?

I just found out Tojo's moved across the street from Toys R Us on Broadway about a month ago. Tojo-san bought the building.. And now the minimum price for Omakase is $120 when it used to be around $40.

Koji Restaurant on Hornby closed down a few weeks ago. All these cheap Japanese restaurants opening up is making some of the pricier restaurants close down. Too bad, because Koji had a really good menu as well as good food.

Lately I've been getting my sushi fix at Toshi's on 16th. The lineup can be long, but it's worth the wait. Make sure to get their early, and as soon as you go in, go to the front by the sushi counter and have your name written down. Try the negitoro roll, house special roll, and the soft shell crab. I always get those and just try other new things. My only beef is that they don't have red wine.

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